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Religion was one of the first four protected classes covered by the Fair Housing Act of 1968. People of all religions are protected, including people who have no religion.

Examples of discrimination may include:

  • Advertising and/or discouraging people of different religious beliefs from applying for housing.
  • Displaying religious symbols as a property manager. A landlord displaying a religious symbol implies that housing is for members of a certain religion.
  • Denying tenants the opportunity to display religious symbols.
  • Asking or telling someone to remove religious clothing such as a scarf, hijab, burka, keiffiyeh, kippah, or any other clothing or symbol related to their religious faith.
  • Harassing or failing to act when neighbors harass due to a person’s religion.
  • Grouping or requiring those of similar religious faiths to live in apartments in a certain area of the building.

Experienced Housing Discrimination?