Eviction Prevention & Diversion

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Housing Stability Services and Eviction Diversion Program

Since 2019, HOME has collaborated with the City of Richmond to offer eviction prevention and diversion housing counseling along with direct financial aid, ensuring housing stability for thousands of City residents.

Unfortunately, the funding for this assistance has been depleted, and HOME will no longer accept new intake clients for direct financial assistance.

HOME remains committed to changing the systems contributing to Virginia’s unacceptably high rate of evictions. We are advocating for legislative changes to address the eviction crisis in our communities. We recognize that housing instability harms not only the families experiencing evictions but also the communities they live in.

City of Richmond residents may reach out to Community Resource Navigators for help.

Housing Stability Workshops

We are offering online workshops designed to educate individuals about decisions that affect and improve their housing situations. This includes reviewing responsibilities of tenancy, one’s fair housing rights under Virginia law, how to prevent, manage, or overcome an eviction, and available housing stability resources.

Current Schedule for Tenants

Classes are held monthly every 3rd Thursday from 5:30-6:30pm. Use the link below to register.