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Over the past decade, HOME has used the data gathered from our research projects to create educational exhibits about the history of housing inequalities and fair housing.

Credit Inequality & Housing Access

May 2023 – August 2023

Credit Inequality & Housing Access examines how biased practices in credit and lending contribute to housing inequality and instability. During spring 2023, the exhibit toured libraries in Richmond city and Chesterfield County. At each of the four locations, HOME hosted discussions about the exhibit and the work we are doing to change the housing landscape in the region.

HOME & 50 Years of Fair Housing in Virginia

January 2022 – Current

An exhibit celebrating 50 years of Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Virginia’s commitment to equal access to housing for all Virginians. The exhibit made its debut at the Black History Museum of History and Culture in Richmond, Virginia. Next it was shown at the Gallery at Main Street Station. Now, it hangs in its permanent home in the lobby of HOME’s office.

Eviction Crisis in Richmond

January 2020 – August 2020

Inspired by and based on the work of Matthew Desmond and the National Building Museum’s “Evicted” exhibit. This exhibit broke down the alarming trend of high eviction rates in the city of Richmond. Eviction Crisis in Richmond was Displayed at the 2018 Virginia Governor’s Housing Conference and then the Richmond Public Library Main Library where it stayed until mid 2020.

Redlining in Richmond: HOME vs. Nationwide

July 2017 – 2018

Redlining in Richmond tells the story of HOME’s landmark case against one of the largest companies in the homeowners’ insurance industry for redlining African-American neighborhoods. The exhibit was debuted at the Black History Museum of History and Culture. Next it was displayed in the University of Richmond’s Downtown Gallery. Redlining in Richmond currently resides in HOME’s office.