Our Mission

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Our mission is to ensure equal access to housing for all people.

Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Virginia, Inc. (HOME) is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and a HUD-approved housing counseling agency. HOME was born out of the necessity to enforce the Fair Housing Act. As long as discriminatory practices prevent access to housing, we will be here to protect the rights of all Virginians. We tackle systemically divisive housing practices through fair housing enforcement, research, advocacy, and statewide policy work. We also aid first-time homebuyers and those under the threat of foreclosure. When unequal access to housing and credit contributes most to our growing wealth gap, our multi-faceted approach is a powerful catalyst toward furthering fair housing.

Our purpose is to address housing-related systemic inequities that perpetuate segregation, concentrations of poverty, and wealth inequality.

To accomplish this, we focus our efforts on three key areas.

Fair Housing Enforcement

Everyone has a right to choose where to live free from discrimination. HOME investigates instances of discrimination in the housing industry, enforces the law through fair housing complaints or court, and empowers individuals to advocate for their rights.

Housing Counseling and Education

Homeownership has long been a means to achieving financial security and building wealth in America. Every year we help hundreds of clients take advantage of new housing opportunities and give them the knowledge to become and remain successful homeowners. In addition, we also help Housing Choice Voucher holders move to areas of opportunity.

Housing Policy and Research

By working closely with legislators, we can impact statewide policy to bring about meaningful and progressive change to housing. By researching past housing trends and analyzing the economic impact of segregation and discrimination, we gain a better understanding of how current issues came to be and how we can begin to remedy them.

If you think someone is taking advantage of you or discriminating against you, please contact us.