If you are seeking information about fair housing, your rights as a renter or homeowner, or your responsibilities as a landlord or seller, these links provide a wealth of knowledge to propel you onto the right track.


Fair Housing

Fair Housing: What Does it Mean for You?
Enforcing Your Fair Housing Rights
Familial Status Flyer, English
Advertising For Roommates
Guide for Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications
Mental Health is Protected Under the Fair Housing Act
National Origin and Fair Housing
Sexual Harassment
Fair Housing for People with Disabilities
Harassment in Your Neighborhood
Fair Housing Laws Protect Immigrants, Refugees, and People of all Religions
Domestic Violence and Housing – English
Domestic Violence and Housing – Spanish
Source of Funds
Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity


Homeownership Packet
Money Management and Credit Workshop
Disaster Recovery Kit


Foreclosure Prevention

Avoiding Foreclosure
How to Help Yourself Avoid Foreclosure
Scam Alert for Mortgage Rescue Assistance



Rental Housing Search
A Renter’s Guide to Housing
Tips for Tenants
Move to Opportunity: For Housing Choice Voucher Holders


Housing Industry

How to Find Good Tenants
Move to Opportunity: A Guide for Landlords


Información para el Consumidor en Español

¿Cómo HOME te puede ayudar?
Estado familiar 
Origen Nacional y Vivienda justa
Vivienda justa ¿Qué significa para usted?


Other Resources

HOME does not endorse any lender, real estate firm, homeowners insurance company or provider of any housing related services. Please evaluate all offers of products or services very carefully to make sure you understand them and that they meet your needs.

211 Virginia is an easy-to-remember phone number connecting people with free information on available community services. Use 211 Virginia for easy access to information including financial assistance and housing. Dial 211 or go to

If you are in need of direct legal representation, visit for your local Legal Aid office and other resources or for a nominal fee you can contact VA State Bar Legal Referral Service or 800-552-7977.



Virginia Fair Housing Office
Habitat for Humanity
HUD Virginia
National Low Income Housing Coalition
Virginia Association of Realtors
Virginia Housing Development Authority


Consumer Protection

Better Business Bureau
Consumer Education Materials
Consumers Union Nonprofit Publisher of Consumer Reports
Virginia Consumer Protection


Energy Efficiency

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