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Classes Provided by HOME

Managing Your Money and Credit

Every month, we host a free online workshop that teaches financial skills for how to better manage your budget, your debt, and your credit. This class is open to everyone.

1st Thursday of each month
6:00–8:00pm on Zoom


Flyers and Brochures

Fair Housing


Foreclosure Prevention


Housing Industry


Other Organizations and Resources

HOME does not endorse any lender, real estate firm, homeowners insurance company or provider of any housing related services. Please evaluate all offers of products or services very carefully to make sure you understand them and that they meet your needs.

211 Virginia is an easy-to-remember phone number connecting people with free information on available community services. Use 211 Virginia for easy access to information including financial assistance and housing. Dial 211 or go to

If you are in need of direct legal representation, visit for your local Legal Aid office and other resources or for a nominal fee you can contact VA State Bar Legal Referral Service or 800-552-7977.


Consumer Protection

Energy Efficiency

Please contact us if you have any additional questions about your situation.