Military Status

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In 2020, military status was added to Virginia’s fair housing laws. Military status include active military service members, veterans who served in the active military and who were discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable, and family members of active military service members or veterans.

Examples of discrimination include:

  • Rejecting a potential tenant because they use a HUD-VASH voucher to help pay rent.
  • A real estate agent steering or persuading a veteran to buy a home in a specific area where other veterans or military families live.
  • A property manager allowing stereotypes to influence decisions about renting to veterans.

It is also illegal to discriminate based on physical or mental disability. Veterans with disabilities may request reasonable accommodations or modifications to enable them to to fully enjoy and use their homes. Reasonable accommodations are exceptions to rules and policies and include:

  • Allowing or waiving fees for a service or emotional support animal.
  • Assigning reserved, accessible parking space near the unit.
  • Allowing a live-in caregiver to stay with a tenant.

Reasonable modifications are physical alterations made to the unit or common area and include:

  • Widening the doorway to accommodate a wheelchair.
  • Installing grab bars in the bathroom.
  • Lowering the entry threshold of a unit.

Experiencing Housing Discrimination?