Dr. Velma J. Ballard Celebration of Life

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About Dr. Velma J. Ballard

Dr. Velma J. Ballard was an energetic and compassionate helper; a fashion-forward formidable force who valued education, fairness, and equality. Velma understood the history of discriminatory housing policies, such as redlining and predatory lending, that led to the inequalities we continue to see today. She recognized that to improve opportunities for all people, we would need to be as intentional as our forebears were in creating those systems of inequity. Through her decades of work with the Department of Housing and Community Development, Velma connected with all parts of the housing community and left a lasting impression on everyone with whom she interacted.  She was committed to HOME’s mission to ensure equal access to housing and served as a committee member and board member, including as chair of the Board of Directors. Sadly, Velma passed away in September 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. HOME of VA was finally able to gather friends and colleagues to recognize and celebrate her life in October 2023.


Dr. Velma J Ballard Celebration of Life


Donate to the Dr. Velma J. Ballard Fair Housing Fund

Dr. Velma J. Ballard was committed to fair housing work and lived her values by leaving a bequest to HOME of VA in her estate plans. HOME honors her memory by using that bequest to establish the Dr. Velma J. Ballard Fair Housing Fund. Her gift will be used to further HOME’s work in fair housing enforcement, including research, investigations, and litigation. If you would like to donate to this fund in her memory and amplify Velma’s legacy, please donate using the link below: