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Intersectionality, Housing, and COVID-19: Responding to Code Switch’s “What Does Hood Feminism Mean for a Pandemic”?

By Mariah Williams. “Survival is the primary focus, especially for feminists in the hood and rural areas, and for low-income families. Right now, the focus has to be on surviving, on thriving and being able to take care of each other.” -Mikki Kendall Recently, I listened to an episode of one of my favorite podcasts, […]

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Remembering the Past is Crucial to Rebuilding After this Crisis

By Mariah Williams. “If black people receive inferior care from hospitals and doctors, are black people to blame? If black people are less likely to be insured, are black people to blame? If hospitals in majority-black counties are overloaded with coronavirus patients, are black people to blame?” – Ibrahim X Kendi As we work to […]

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Preventing Housing Displacement Amidst a Health Crisis

By Mariah Williams.   “I didn’t relocate,” she reminded me. “I was displaced.” This is what Stacy said after I asked her what it was like relocating from New Orleans. I had not immediately made the distinction. The former suggested that there was a choice. The latter, however, suggested no such choice. She was put […]

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Revisiting Covid-19, Evictions, and Racial Equity

By Mariah Williams and Bryan Moorefield. We all know that when white folks catch a cold, black folks get pneumonia. Simply put, economic hardships experienced by white people may be substantial, but the impact is doubly felt by black Americans who have historically been at the very bottom of the economic ladder. The COVID-19 outbreak […]