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HOME has long been a source of credible housing-related research in the commonwealth.

We build partnerships with local and state government, organizations, and with legislative officials to spark meaningful conversations about housing issues, educate the public and raise awareness, and advocate for systemic change in our communities.

HOME’s approach to housing research and policy is unique because we are able to gather information externally and internally. Our research team studies trends that emerge from our fair housing complaints and investigations, from our housing counseling clients, and from industry and local data sources. This research often serves as the catalyst for change in the housing systems that drive economic, educational, and social opportunities. The data we gather helps us take a strategic approach to addressing key housing issues.

Confronting School and Housing Segregation in the Richmond Region examines the changing nature of segregation in the metro-Richmond area, which is now far more multiracial than it was in the past. It offers an understanding of the growing diversity and deepening double segregation by race and poverty in schools.

Excluded Communities: A Spatial Analysis of Segregation in the Richmond Region looks at how segregated housing patterns limit access to financial resources, entrench poverty, concentrate environmental hazards, and create poorer health and educational outcomes. It is a compelling argument for why where you live makes a big difference in what your life looks like and why our region must make economic and racial integration a priority.

Mortgage Lending in the City of Richmond: An Analysis of the City’s Lending Patterns stemmed from an analysis of subprime lending patterns in the City of Richmond during the years leading up to the housing crisis. At the request of City Councilwoman Ellen Robertson, Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME) of VA, Inc. conducted this analysis of the city’s largest lending institutions to better understand the mortgage outcomes of homebuyers throughout the city.

Where You Live Makes All The Difference: An Opportunity Map of the Richmond Region is a report that has taken HOME several years to prepare, provides a unique, housing‐focused perspective to the socio‐economic dynamics of the Richmond region. HOME measured opportunity by equally weighing, and then mapping, 22 wide‐ranging socio-economic variables that measure core factors in housing, transportation, wealth, education, health and access to credit. Examples include median household income, homeownership rates, English and math performance scores, and visits to a general family doctor in the last 12 months. The report underscores the important role that housing plays in accessing opportunity and building wealth.

The Impact of Foreclosures on Economic Recovery in Virginia analyzes statewide and regional foreclosure data in Virginia as well as how subprime mortgages, mortgage servicing errors and increases in vacant properties present significant obstacles to robust economic growth. The report highlighted the fact that foreclosures are declining yet the percentage of subprime mortgages resulting in foreclosure continues to increase. Despite a 32 percent decline in foreclosures, foreclosures remain 1,000 percent greater than in 2006, before the recession. Virginia homeowners who lived close in proximity to a vacant property lost $26 billion in home equity.

HOME has created several reports over the years that we've been advocating for housing equality.