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HOME’s Renewed Fight for Change
March 20, 2006

Housing Opportunities Made Equal, Inc. today announced an organizational realignment to better fight inequities in housing access and opportunities.

Fair Housing Complaint Filed Against Manassas
January 10, 2006

Housing Opportunities Made Equal, Inc. announced today that it has filed a fair housing complaint against the City of Manassas for the adoption and enforcement of an ordinance defining “family” in a way that limits the ability of Latino households to live in Manassas.

“Sign Swiping Day” Sept 30 in the City of Richmond
September 29, 2005

Signs that say, “WE STOP FORECLOSURES! WE BUY HOMES! HOMES FOR CASH!” are sprouting up all across the US, and Richmond is certainly seeing its share. But beware! A new form of fraud and predatory lending is sweeping the nation and it is called “foreclosure rescue scams”.

Carrington Gardens Residents Start to See Hope
June 6, 2005

Last week, the city’s social services went to the aid of those displaced from Carrington Gardens after the city’s inspector condemned the 216 unit complex. Richmond‘s Dept. of Social Services was able to put the remaining 40-50 residents in a local hotel for a week.

NCLC’s “Dreams Foreclosed” Report Details Rampant, Nationwide Theft of Americans’ Homes and Equity
June 1, 2005

The coast-to-coast real estate boom has spawned a nasty dark side in the form of an extremely widespread and damaging consumer scam. Foreclosure “rescue” scams find their opening at the intersection of surging home values and the new financial stresses many families face, says NCLC’s new report “Dreams Foreclosed: The Rampant Theft of Americans’ Homes Through Equity-Stripping Foreclosure ‘Rescue’ Scams.” Read the full report here.

Predatory Lenders Beware! October 20th
October 19, 2004

The City of Richmond and Housing Opportunities Made Equal (H.O.M.E.) will be in Blackwell & Beaufont Grove (formerly Jefferson Village Apartment Complex) communities on Wednesday (October 20th) to educate homeowners about predatory and abusive lending practices.

“Don’t Borrow Trouble” The New Virginia Lending Protection Project
March 26, 2004

A groundbreaking new homeownership initiative to simultaneously help Richmond area borrowers avoid predatory lenders, prepare for the financial responsibilities of homeownership, and access a wider range of safe, flexible mortgage products was unveiled today by a new coalition that includes Housing Opportunities Made Equal, Inc. (H.O.M.E.), Branch Banking and Trust (BB&T), the City of Richmond, and Freddie Mac, one of the nation’s largest investors in residential mortgages.

Prudential Insurance Discrimination Lawsuit by HOME Now Involves Liberty Mutual
October 7, 2003

The lawsuit of Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME) and other fair housing organizations against the Prudential Insurance Company took an unusual turn yesterday as the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) petitioned the State of Indiana Department of Insurance to reject the sale of Prudential’s Property and Casualty Division (PRUPAC) to Liberty Mutual Insurance Company.

“Beware of Predators after Hurricane Isabel”
September 29, 2003

Don’t be vulnerable to predators and contractors who may take advantage of a disaster situation. Please also see our Disaster Recovery Information Kit for a wealth of helpful post-disaster information including resources for home repairs and construction, filing insurance claims, applying for financial assistance, handling of hazardous debris, generator and chainsaw safety, household tips, crisis and legal counseling services, and contact information for other needed services.

Fair Housing Complaint Filed Against Chesterfield County Homeowner
April 30, 2003

Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME) announced today that it has filed a fair housing complaint alleging discrimination based on race against a homeowner in Chesterfield County who refused to sell a house to an African-American woman.

Roanoke Press Conference: 21st Century-Rental Housing is Still a Black and White Issue
May 15, 2002

Blacks Face Discrimination 44% of the Time in Roanoke Rental Market While Many Illegal Barriers Continue for Those with Disabilities in Roanoke, Lynchburg, Charlottesville and Fredericksburg. Read the full report here.

Hampton Roads Press Conference: 21st Century-Equal Access to Housing?
May 7, 2002

Blacks Face Discrimination 60% of the time in Hampton Roads’ Rental Market while Many Illegal Barriers Continue for Those with Disabilities. Read the full report here.

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